Price: $135-$200. Extra base: $70.

Type: Infant seat, five-point harness.

Limits: 35 lbs., 33”

NHTSA ease of use rating: Five out of five stars.

Pros: EPS foam, one-pull harness adjustment, nice padding. Works to 35 lbs.

Cons: Complex belt path and puzzle buckle. Large seat.

Comments: The Combi Shuttle works to 35 lbs. and features EPS foam for crash protection, comfort pads on the harness and one-pull harness adjustment. The seat has an anti-rebound bar, which keeps the seat more stable in the case of a crash. Babies R Us is selling an exclusive version, the Shuttle 33, with a weight limit of 33 lbs. It’s virtually the same seat, and sells for $160. Oddly, that’s a higher price than the Shuttle with a 35 lbs. limit sells for on Amazon ($134).

The Shuttle’s base is smaller and easier to use, thanks to its new built-in lock-off design. But the belt path on the  Shuttle base had us scratching our heads: it is way too complex compared to other seats. Four position height adjustment rounds out the features. All of Combi’s strollers work with the Shuttle infant seat.

Reader and expert feedback on the Shuttle 35 has been mixed. Consumer Reports ranked it second in a recent survey of seats, giving it above average remarks for ease of use and crash protection. Our readers weren’t so generous, with numerous complaints about difficulty fitting the seat into the base. The carrier is also heavy at 10.1 lbs.

Fans of the seat like that the handle can be left in the upright position when in a vehicle. But be forewarned: the Shuttle is a large seat that won’t fit into some smaller vehicles (and even mid-size sedans). And the Combi infant seat is compatible with few strollers, except, of course for Combi’s offerings.

Overall, readers gave the Shuttle merely good marks—other seats like the Graco SnugRide and Britax B-Safe score better in reader feedback.

Regarding safety, Combi’s track record has been mixed, with several major recalls. Example: a 2008 recall for 67,000 Shuttle and Centre seats after testing revealed the seats could separate from the base in a crash. Rating: B-