Web: BabyBjorn.com

Price: $60, depending on the fabric.

Weight: 8 to 25 lbs.

Comments: Baby Bjorn is the 800-pound gorilla in the carrier category. The Original is the carrier that made the company famous. As one of the first easy to use, adjustable options, it set the bar for other front carriers. Baby can ride facing in or out and, best of all, you can snap off the front of the Bjorn to put a sleeping baby down in a crib. New for 2016, a jersey lining in pick and gray will be available.

To see how the Original works, here’s a video demo:

The Active ($190), based on the Original design but with added lumbar support and wider straps for longer walks, is being discontinued although some web sites are still selling through their inventory.

Baby Bjorn consistently gets high ratings from parents who purchase front carriers—they like the ease of use and the fact that baby can face outward eventually. But detractors point to the high price and limited use (babies outgrow it fast). Curvy moms complain the Original is uncomfortable because babies sit so high. Back/neck strain is a common complaint of Bjorn users. Some babies also don’t like the Bjorn for whatever reason. We recommend keeping the receipt just in case you have a picky baby. Rating: B

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