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Type: Kitchen trash bag or their own liners.

Price: $70 to $80.

Comments: This steel diaper pail has a sliding opening with a rubber seal to keep odors in. The reason for the slide? Ubbi told us they think this keeps the smell from wafting out like other diaper pails. And the steel doesn’t absorb odors like plastic. Best of all, it uses regular trash bags! The Ubbi has received some pretty positive reviews overall, although it does get some criticism for the sliding opening. We tried it ourselves and thought the slide was a bit sticky so you may not be able to use it one-handed. Also parents note you don’t want to overfill it–the bag can snag on the lid. But it’s a lot less expensive than a VIPP, comes in 11 different colors and you can really use this as a trash can after baby is out of diapers.

Rating: A-