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Stork Craft’s mid-price line is positioned as a step up from Stork Craft’s furniture sold in chain stores, yet less expensive than their premium Ragazzi brand. Sold in specialty stores and made in China, Status offers six collections. Each feature a static convertible crib and two dresser options (combo or double dresser). Five finishes are available. Cribs run $300 to $500 (most are in the $400 range); a combo dresser is $680; armoires are around $700.

Unlike Stork Craft’s ready-to-assemble dressers, Status comes fully assembled and features all hardwood construction (pine). The downside? The drawers lack dovetail construction and feature basic wood-on-wood glides (most upper-end nursery furniture has metal glides). We also noticed visible bolts on the cribs, which is something you’d see on a $250 crib at discount store . . . but not usually at this price.

As for quality, several readers tell us of serious issues with Status’ quality control—paint splattered all over the finish of a dresser, cribs shipped without assembly instructions and so on. Several folks commented that their Status furniture had strong fumes when removed from its packaging.

In our last edition we noted a move toward a more modern, playful design on a few lines. Sorry to say, those models are gone. They’ve gone back to the basics (translation: boring).

The quality and design of Status is disappointingly not up to par. Rating: C-

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