Pacific Woodworking Arts and Crafts

Pacific Rim Woodworking is an Oregon-based furniture company that still makes cribs, dressers and twin beds in the U.S. The look here is clean and contemporary. Currently, the company has only crib design: the “Arts & Crafts” is made from solid maple (as are all Pacific Rim’s pieces) and has a spring mattress platform. The price? About $1245.

No, that’s far from a bargain, but we liked the quality here:  all Pacific Rim’s dressers are hard wood (no veneers) and other little details are similarly impressive. Environmentally-inclined parents will probably be more impressed by Pacific Rim’s commitment to use “green certified” lumber. The company has only about 16 retail dealers nationwide (plus a handful of online resellers), so if you want to take a peek at their offerings, you may have to do a bit of searching. Bottom line: this is a good option if you want a domestically-made crib and nursery furniture. Rating: B