Web site: gomamagodesigns.com

Go Mama Go Designs’ Wonder Bumpers are an alternative to traditional crib bumpers—essentially, they are fabric-covered soft tubes that zip around each individual crib slat. As a result, you get the same protection of a bumper without the risk of suffocation or a child using them to climb out of a crib. Sets come in either 24 or 38 count—the site estimates that most cribs have 30 to 60 rails so you’ll need either one set of 38 or two sets of 24. Extras are available from their web site in two count packages. And they fit on any type of side slat: flat or round. Two can be zipped together for larger rails over 2.5” wide. Packs of two bumpers run $13; a pack of 24 is $100 and 38 bumpers are $150. Those prices are for the basic colors—they also sell several fancier designs that can run up to $200. Reader feedback on this bumper alternative has been positive—most folks love them, which don’t have to be removed when the sheets are changed. Pricey, yes, but a worthwhile investment if your little one likes to bang his head against the crib slats.

Rating: A