Trend Labs' newest Dr. Seuss pattern: Cat and Things

Trend Labs’ newest Dr. Seuss pattern: Cat and Things

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Trend Lab may sound more like a chemical beaker maker than a bedding designer, but this brand is a hit in the under-$150 crib bedding market. Sold on and other discounters, Trend Lab offered (mostly) 100% cotton bedding in the $70 to $120 range for a three-piece set.

So what does Trend Lab offer? You’ll see design elements like textured fabric (waffle weave and knit jersey, for example) as well as attractive embroidery and appliqué. And parents love their sheets. As one parent noted on our web site: “the crib sheets from Trend Lab are big enough to fit the mattress perfectly . . . and the quality is high.” The downside: some items may shrink (note the cold-water washing instructions) and a few items are poly/cotton blends. But for the price, parents tell us Trend Lab is still a decent value.

Trend Lab acquired  the license for Waverly Baby bedding (3-piece set $136) and Dr. Suess (3-piece set $100 to $126) in 2014 so their line includes eight Dr. Seuss set and five Waverly sets. New in 2015, they’ve added a Paddington Bear design (3-piece set $176).  Rating: B