Web site: toogoodbyjenny.com

Playboy model and actress Jenny McCarthy launched her own bedding line in 2010, dubbed Too Good by Jenny. The pitch: “affordable, non-toxic juvenile products (for) mainstream consumers with the highest regard for safety, health and enjoyment.”

Oy vey. Where to begin?

McCarthy’s emphasis on “non-toxic” bedding raises the obvious question: what baby bedding is toxic? The answer is, of course, none. But who are we to get in the way of a feel-good eco pitch when there are parents to scare and bedding to sell.

Too Good By Jenny is actually made by Pem America, which is better known for its older kids and teen bedding. There’s nothing wrong with the bedding itself: sets feature 100% cotton fabric and include wall hangings, window valance and diaper stacker along with the usual sheet, skirt and quilt for $50 to $100. 

Our beef with this brand isn’t with the bedding, but Jenny McCarthy herself. In addition to being an actress, book author and frequent guest on Oprah, McCarthy has been an outspoken autism advocate after her son was diagnosed in 2005. McCarthy blames vaccines for her son’s autism and has allied herself with anti-vaccine advocates that include disgraced researcher Andrew Wakefield.

According to the British Medical Journal, Wakefield engaged in an “elaborate hoax” to tie the MMR vaccine with autism. Despite being exposed for fraud and faked research, McCarthy still defended Wakefield despite the damage this scare is dong to public health and the health of children. That is reprehensible.

So we can’t divorce McCarthy from her controversial stands on children’s heath—while she’s entitled to her opinion, we can’t recommend our readers buy anything with her name on it. Rating: F