Web site: breathablebaby.com

Here’s a mom-invented product that is a simple solution for babies who get their arms or legs caught in the crib spindles: a “breathable” bumper made of mesh that Velcros on to the crib. Unlike other traditional bumpers, this one allows for airflow and baby can’t get trapped between it and the mattress. And it’s affordable: $25 to $30 (they make them for port-a-cribs and cradles).

The company makes three versions of the product: the Breathable Bumper (one style for beds with slats all around and one for cribs with solid ends; pictured), the Deluxe (made with a no-sag fabric mesh, $36) and the Ultra Luxe ($46), an embroidered mesh bumper ($50). The latter covers the entire crib from bottom rail to top rail, while the bumper is just 11” deep. New this year are “fashion trim bumpers” with contrasting polka dot trim as well as six new versions where the mesh is printed with stripes, animals, flowers, and a sports theme.

Detractors of these products say they don’t fit all cribs (given the wide variety of models out there, that isn’t a big surprise) and older babies can rip them off the crib. The web site addresses the fit problem with a Crib Fit Guide. And the manufacturer recommends using these products only until your baby reaches nine months of age. Bottom line: we think this a good solution if you have a baby who keeps getting stuck. Like the CozyWedge (reviewed elsewhere on the site), there’s no need to get this product before baby is born. Only a small percentage of babies will get their arms or legs caught in a crib’s spindles. But if that is you, this might be a solution. This is one of the few options for bumpers we recommend. Rating: A