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As we’ve discussed earlier in this chapter, traditional crib bumpers are not recommended. But if you’ve got an active baby who keeps bonking his head against the crib, is there a safe solution? The CozyWedge is an option: this bumper is made from very firm foam with a removable, washable cotton slipcover. Unlike other bumpers that are soft and pose a suffocation risk if baby gets trapped up against or below the bumper, the CozyWedge is hard foam . . . sort of like a swimming noodle. And it’s only a few inches tall, so babies can’t use it to boost themselves out of the crib once they start standing. The CozyWedge provides protection for babies without the concerns of traditional crib bumpers. The price is $60 (about the same as a regular bumper) and the organic cotton cover comes in eight solid colors. Some parents have complained that there aren’t enough ties on the product and it’s difficult to insert the foam pieces into the slip covers. Bottom line: you don’t need to rush out and get this product—but it is a potential solution if you have a little head banger in the house. Rating: B