Born Free Breeze baby bottleWeb site:

Born Free’s ActiveFlow venting technology is the star here—the claim is to reduce colic. Of course, many bottles compete in the anti-colic space . . . so how does Born Free stack up?

We last reported that Born Free was adding the Breeze baby bottle to it’s line. Looks like they’ve discontinued the other bottle versions and are exclusively making just the Breeze in both plastic or glass (pictured).

The Breeze bottles only have two parts: the bottle and the nipple (technically also a cap–so three pieces). The plus here is no extra parts to clean (or lose) like a vent or gasket. Prices start at $3.25 per bottle for plastic and go up to $6.50 for glass in the 5 oz. size. A gift set with breast pump adapters, three different flow nipples, pacifiers and cleaning brush starts at $30.

Parents like the wide opening on these bottles–it makes it easy to fill. Compared to other bottle brands, Born Free’s nipples seem to last longer and hold up better to sterilizing or washing in the dishwasher as well. Of course, Born Free bottles can and do leak if the cap ring isn’t tightened the correct amount.

So how to Born Free Breeze bottles compare to the company’s earlier bottles? Unfortunately, parent feedback hasn’t been great. Parents complain the vent doesn’t really do the job and the nipple collapses. We’ll be dropping the rating on the Breeze this time around.

Rating: C